A Fez and a Bow-tie

The name is Emmaleigh. I love the fandoms and I love the sports and I love to write poetry. I also have too many otp's. Part of Cumbercollective, SuperWhoLock, Marvel, HP, Olympics, Gymnastics, DCI, fan in general of many things. If ya wanna talk, hit the ask, I'm more than happy to listen!

Look at me like you look at your favorite pair of socks.
Just a glance, in passing —
to check that I’m there,
that I am warm,
that I can be yours when you need me.

Don’t call me beautiful.
Call me by the name my mother plucked
just for me, off the island whose trees
fleck my blood with olive and salt.
Let the syllables sing,
a Mediterranean wave cresting, crashing.

Before running a red light,
kiss your fore and middle fingers;
tap the car hood and think of me.
Make me your little superstition,
never a crutch or criticism,
but something brought to life with your breath —
something you believe in.

Love me. Love me simply.
So simply that we’ll forget
the word has to exist
between us at all.

a guide in getting to me | p.b. (via medleypond)

(via medleypond)